Hydrated Girl Summer

Despite the title of this episode, we talked about a time when Rachel did NOT have a hydrated girl summer…and then follow up with a reminder that you SHOULD try your best to stay hydrated and well nourished before attempting to hike in this hot & soupy Kentucky weather! Yes, SOUPY.
If you couldn’t tell, this is a classic Darren & Rachel MESS-AROUND episode (btw, Rachel loves everyone who gets that reference).

Anyway, here is the TRAIL covered in this episode!
* Hanson’s Point Trail

Also, for those of you who are interested, here is the link for the face bug net I bought…I am NOT sponsored by Quest Outdoors, so I do not have a cool discount code to give you, and I also do not profit from it if you decide to buy one for yourself! (Even though it would be pretty cool to actually be sponsored by Quest….)

IMPORTANT: Due to recent rainfall events, Eastern KY is flooded. The region REALLY needs your help if you are able – some really awesome resources to stay up to date on what is happening and find the best ways to volunteer/donate, are:
@appalachians4appalachia (Instagram) – they have a super comprehensive spreadsheet with links to places to donate, etc.
@appalshop (Instagram)

Thank you so much for listening and being awesome humans!

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