Happy Lemon Artistry – RRG Farmers Market Guest Feature

Hi and welcome to Tread the Red Podcast! This episode is a special feature of “Happy Lemon Artistry” run by Lora, who sets up at the RRG Farmers Market!
Lora is a multi-disciplinary artist from Red Fox, KY. She works full-time in healthcare, but has always loved the process of creating art and finds that art provides a stress-relieving outlet for the difficult times. The inspiration for much of her work centers in celebrating Kentucky culture, specifically the strong-minded resilience and self-reliance of Appalachian people. Lora’s daughter, Kelsie Jacobs, who is also an artist and a Registered Emergency Room Nurse, created Happy Lemon Artistry with her mom. They sell locally and also have an Etsy Shop.
Lora’s most recent artistic venture was designing and building a rental cabin at Red River Gorge named “Walden’s Wonder“. The cabin is an ode to Henry David Thoreau and his book, “Walden”, with the theme of nature as a source of wisdom and spiritual nourishment and the joys of living simply. Lora has created many artistic works that are displayed in this cabin!
You can connect with Lora on Facebook at facebook.com/lora.huff or visit the Etsy Shop at etsy.com/shop/happylemonartistry .

Thank you so much for listening, and we hope to see you at the RRG Farmers Market (every Saturday from 10AM-2PM)!

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