Classic Craig

Ahh, Classic Craig…so…Classic.
We’re back with another Rachel & Darren-Gorge Time-Adventure Time-Fun Time episode of Tread the Red! This is actually a PART 2 of the “Spice & Tidbits” episode. If you’re new here, you don’t necessarily have to listen to that one first, but if you want a full well-rounded account of the trail tale and hike, we would recommend it!
This episode covers an unmarked trail (featuring *CLASSIC CRAIG*), an unfortunate dog & human encounter (don’t worry, everyone is okay – just a learning experience!), aaaaaand spppoookkkyy times on Daniel Boone Hut Trail! Obviously, this episode has a little bit of everything. šŸ˜‰

Trails featured on this episode:
*Grays Arch Trail
*Rough Trail
*Classic Crag Overlook Trail
*Daniel Boone Hut Trail
*This episode wraps up the balloon loop hike featuring Rough Trail > Grays Arch > Daniel Boone Hut Trail

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Thanks for listening and happy hiking!

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