Double Arch Trail #201

Double Arch Trail: This trail starts from the Auxier Ridge parking lot and continues back the “foot-travel-only” portion of Tunnel Ridge Road until *basically* the end, where you will see the trailhead sign to the right! This is an official trail of the Gorge, and it immediately dips you into the lush forest surrounded by sandstone cliffs.
The trail is about 2.37 miles from the Auxier Ridge parking area to Double Arch, making it a little under a 5 mile round trip hike! When I do this one, I prefer to use the Auxier Branch Trail (#203) to connect from Double Arch Trail over to Auxier Ridge Trail so that I can make a big loop!
This arch is super cool and you get some amazing views of Auxier Ridge across the valley! You can clearly see Courthouse Rock and Haystack Rock, along with the “Wizard’s Backbone” portion of Auxier Ridge. šŸ˜‰

This part of the trail is *unofficial*, but don’t miss out on your chance to climb up on top of Double Arch using the set of stairs carved into the side of the sandstone to the right of the arch! The top most platform to the LEFT once you get up and continue out is called “The Observatory”, and for good reason! You get amazing 360 degree views of the Gorge from here! If you do opt for more adventure with this option, just please be aware of the severe drop offs from the top of the arch! This section might not be the best for kids/dogs. I’ve done it with my dog, but he’s small, so I can pick him up when needed.

Double Arch Trail #201

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