Veranda Trail

The Veranda Trail is an unofficial/unmarked trail in the Red River Gorge, but utilizes official trails to get to the trailhead! The most direct route to the beginning of this trail would be to take Pinch-em-Tight trail to Rush Ridge Trail, and then a right onto Rough Trail where you will hike about 230 feet downhill to the Veranda Trailhead!
I can’t say enough how beautiful this little trail and overlook are! From the overlook, you can look directly through Pinch-em-Tight Gap to Half Moon nestled in between! Hanson’s Point is on the other side, but is blocked from view by the Gap. This trail is a beautiful spot for sunrise.

The Veranda Trail itself is only about 0.32 miles, but combined with Pinch-em-Tight and Rush Ridge, it is about 1.62 miles one way. A great option for a loop hike is to continue along Rough Trail after Veranda Trail and hit up Hanson’s Point before looping back using the Pinch-em-Tight trail!

Veranda Trail

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