Let’s Start From the Beginning

Helloooooo!! We are here with another episode of Tread the Red except this time we have friends with us! This episode features Sam & Joe and also…Kermit??? I am pretty sure we talked about our hike to Turtle Back Arch and finishing out the loop via Swift Camp Creek and part of Rock Bridge Trail, but we definitely talked about a lot of other stuff as well. This is truly one of the classic Tread the Red *chaotic* episodes – you’re welcome. đŸ˜€

We recorded in The Willow, which is one of the properties owned by @experiencethewilds on Instagram! The cabin was perfect and we totally recommend checking it out (or any of their other properties) for your next stay at the Gorge! (Not sponsored, we just really loved both cabins we stayed at recently, and think The Wilds are awesome and have a lot to offer within the Gorge area!)

Trails mentioned this episode:
*Turtle Back Arch Trail
*Swift Camp Creek Trail
*Rock Bridge Trail

As always, you can follow me on Instagram and TikTok @Tread_the_Red and on Twitter @TreadtheRed. You can also find my etsy shop by searching Tread the Red in shops, or by clicking here. I’ve also been working on updating my Trails section on my website, so be sure to check that out as well! I hope everyone is doing well and getting some good hiking in. Until next time!!

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