Tread the Red Podcast

A podcast featuring stories from Red River Gorge trips.

Intro: Tread the Red Podcast

An Introduction to Tread the Red podcast by Rachel.

Episode 1: Hornets?! (Darren’s First Gorge Trip)

Episode 1 of Tread the Red podcast features the story of Darren’s first ever hiking trip to Red River Gorge.

Episode 2: It’s Probably Just A Screech Owl…OR a Murder Victim

Episode 2 of Tread the Red podcast features memories of hiking and camping with Sam (my brother) and his dog, Gimli.

Episode 3 of Tread the Red podcast features discussions with my Mom on the mother-daughter annual trips we have taken to the Gorge with our dog, Pippin.
Episode 4 of Tread the Red podcast features my sister, Kate, and experiences we have shared at the Gorge. This includes the time we *tried* Cloud Splitter, and Kate found out that she might have claustrophobia!

Episode 5 of Tread the Red podcast features Darren. We talk about getting a flat tire in the Gorge the first day of 2020 and a couple of recent hikes we have done, including a loop featuring Gray’s Arch, a Cloud Splitter connector trail, and Tower Rock trail!
Episode 6 of Tread the Red podcast features Darren and our experiences camping in the Red!
Episode 7 of Tread the Red podcast features my sister Kate, and my friend, Sam! We talk about the first half of our “Girl’s Trip 2020” (before Covid). This includes a trip to Muir Valley and Whittleton Arch!
Episode 8 of Tread the Red podcast features Darren and we talk about the hikes we took on my 29th birthday! This included getting in a *lightning* situation and also climbing Raven’s Rock for the first time!
Episode 9 of Tread the Red podcast features Erica, and we talk about just a few of our Gorge adventures. This includes climbing Half Moon, camping at Star Gap Arch, and hiking to Turtle Back Arch and Pooch’s Turtle Falls!

Episode 10 of Tread the Red podcast features Denise (owner of Infinite Bliss Yoga) and Jacky and Lizzy. We talk about Infinite Bliss’s Yoga & Hiking Retreats at the Red River Gorge and also have a little discussion about the past and future of the Gorge.
Episode 11 of Tread the Red podcast features Darren and we talk about a camping and hiking trip we took at the end of my spring semester. In this episode we talk about some Koomer Ridge campground trails (Silvermine Arch and Cliff Trail) along with some local Gorge businesses and artists. Stay tuned for another episode about this camping and hiking trip.
Episode 12 of Tread the Red starts off with a little informative session on how to “Not Be a Dick in the Backcountry” (AKA forest service rules and leave no trace ethics). Rachel supplies some information about some cool people/groups doing work within the Red River Gorge and an inspirational nature quote by artist Andy Goldsworthy. The episode then covers an interesting group hiking experience near Eagles Point Buttress.
Episode 13 of Tread the Red features hikes to Star Gap Arch and the surrounding ridge-line area!
This week’s episode of Tread the Red features Gabe from Brook and Holler. Gabe works with educating and spreading awareness about public lands and we talk about that and his experiences in the Red River Gorge! Check out his website, Brook and Holler, and give him a follow on Instagram @brookandholler. As always, feel free to reach out to me through or my Instagram, @tread_the_red. Thank you for listening and happy hiking!
Buckle up because this episode Darren and I are taking you all along on one of the most popular unofficial trails of the Red – Indian Staircase Trail! Our hiking day definitely did not go as planned, but we were apparently where we needed to be at that time! The morning was a rollercoaster of dramatics and the day was full of amazing views and a solid hike. Some rad people/businesses to follow on Instagram that we mentioned during this episode: @friendsrrg (a not-for-profit volunteer group at the Gorge), @cricketpress (super cool printmaking artists – they designed the Friends of the RRG logo!), @heritageprintshop (a local screen printer who prints my Tread the Red tshirts)! Also, you will soon be able to find Tread the Red tshirts and tanks at La Cabana in the RRG along with decals there and at Daniel Boone Coffee Shop! As always, make sure to follow me on Instagram and/or TikTok @tread_the_red and HAPPY HIKING!! Thank you so much for listening!
Hi and welcome back to Episode 16 of Tread the Red! This episode features Sam Ludwig and Kate Stottmann as we take you along on our adventures along Tarr Ridge in the Red River Gorge. There MIGHT be some (lots of) laughing, talk of cryptids, and some obstacles we faced during our hikes that day. Also, the day I am uploading this episode is actually recognized as National Boone Day! This day (June 7th) commemorates the day that Daniel Boone began his explorations throughout the beautiful valleys and forests that we now know as Kentucky. Since the Red River Gorge is located within the Daniel Boone National Forest in Kentucky, I thought this was an important holiday to mention! As always, thank you so much for listening! I truly appreciate all of the connections I have been able to make with some amazing people who also love the Gorge. You can find me on Instagram @tread_the_red for visual references to the places I talk about on this podcast and also check out my website, Tread the Red. Thank you and happy hiking!!
Darren and I are here to tell you about the pokémon of the Gorge, the Whip-poor-will!! If you’ve ever spent an evening or a morning in the Gorge during the Spring and Summer, you are sure to hear them chanting their name in the woods. In this episode, we take you on our spontaneous overnight adventure at the Gorge and our loop hike including Veranda Trail, Rough Trail, and Hanson’s Point Trail!

As always, thank you so much for listening to Tread the Red! I truly appreciate each and every one of you, and are so happy to be building this community of people who love the Gorge! You can follow me on Instagram @tread_the_red or check out my website, Tread the Red. I am planning on putting together an Art & Hike Day at the Gorge in the next month or two! Keep an eye out on Instagram to sign up!
Rachel and Darren chat with Jann and Kevin of Fox & Hen Farm about the Red River Gorge Farmers Market! Jann currently works as a Food Systems Specialist with the University of Kentucky’s Nutrition Program and Kevin works with Kentucky State University and small scale farm grants. They are co-creators of the new farmers market at the Gorge and have a lot to share about their own experience with farming and about the market itself. We hear about how Fox & Hen came about and all about the variety of vendors at the market!

The market is open every Saturday (weather permitting) from 10AM – 2PM at the Slade Welcome Center right off exit 33 of the Mountain Parkway and the GRAND OPENING is Saturday, July 10th!! You can find the RRG Farmers Market website at and on Instagram @rrgfarmersmarket. You can also follow Fox and Hen Farm on Instagram @foxandhenfarm !

As always, thank you so much for listening to Tread the Red! You can find me on Instagram @tread_the_red. Make sure to check out the RRG Farmers Market one Saturday and visit all of the amazing vendors!
Hi everyone and welcome back to another episode of Tread the Red! Sorry it has been so long, but this is one that I’ve been wanting to cover for awhile. If you have listened to previous episodes of the podcast, you’ve heard Part 1 on Episode 7 where we talk about the beginning of Girls Trip 2020. Buckle up – because we have Rachel, Erica, Sam, and Kate all in one room to recount their first ever experience hiking to Eagles Point Buttress! This is not a hike you want to miss out on – the loop that includes the Douglas Trail has a little of everything – arches, waterfalls, overlooks, caves, and more…find out more by listening to this episode of the podcast. As always, thank you so much for listening and please rate and review the podcast if you can! You can follow me on Instagram @tread_the_red (where I post photos relevant to the podcast episodes) AND if you have a unique Gorge experience that you would like to share, feel free to reach out at . You can also find out more about the Red River Gorge through my website, Tread the Red.
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