Episode 11: Trail Talk and Popcorn ASMR

In Episode 11, Darren and Rachel talk about a camping and hiking trip they took at the end of Rachel’s spring semester. This episode features some discussion about local RRG businesses and artists along with some trails of the Koomer Ridge Campground. Stay tuned for a future episode about the rest of this trip! If you are interested in a visual reference to the hikes talked about on the podcast, check out my Instagram, @tread_the_red or my website, Tread the Red. Feel free to share any interesting stories/experiences about your own experience in the RRG with me at treadtheredpodcast@gmail.com. They might be featured in a future episode! Thank you so much for listening and happy hiking! Oh, and go tell Darren you like or hate his popcorn ASMR I guess.

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