Almost Camping

Rachel & Darren set out on a backcountry camping trip for Pippin’s 6th birthday but things didn’t exactly go *as planned*…listen to hear the scoop on what happened.
If you are visiting the Gorge area, check out the new bakery, “Red River Bakery” that just opened up in Stanton! We haven’t been yet, but it sounds delicious! Also, Sky Bridge Station is missing “Momma” cat! If you have seen her or know any information about her whereabouts, please reach out to them. She has been missing since the 24th of September (they have posted photos of her on their Instagram for reference).
The RRG Farmers Market is still going on through the end of October! Be sure to check them out at the Welcome Center right off the Slade exit of the Mtn Parkway every Saturday from 10-2PM (also keep an eye out for Rachel and Darren setting up October 23rd!)

You can follow on Instagram and Tiktok @tread_the_red and on Twitter @TreadtheRed. Also feel free to reach out with any stories or questions at Thanks for listening and happy hiking and exploring!

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