We Don’t Know What To Call This One, But Please Listen

So despite not having an AWESOME TITLE for this episode, this one packs in a lot of cool information! Do you need gift ideas for the holiday season? We’ve got you covered with some awesome Gorge makers! Check out Ingrid’s work at RRG Earth Shop and Ann Marie’s work with Wild Asteria ! They are both talented women artists working in the Gorge area and have a lot to offer! Darren and Rachel also talk about their stay at The Hive at High Rock and how cool the host, Josh, was! Also, HIKES: Triumph Arch, Jailhouse Rock, Star Gap Arch (because it is Rachel’s favorite), and random Chimney Top Trails – woohoo! Hope everyone is doing well and having a great November! Stay safe and get outside!
You can check out Rachel’s website, Tread the Red, and her Etsy shop here ! And for all you podcast listeners, use: REDTREADERS for 20% off Rachel’s shop through December 4th. 😉 Y’all are awesome!!

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