Dan & Judy Dourson – RRG Farmers Market Guest Feature

Hi and welcome to Tread the Red Podcast – this is a special RRG Farmers Market Guest feature episode featuring biologists/educators/authors (and MORE!) Dan & Judy Dourson!
These two have worked closely within the RRG Region and have so much to share. Everyone who has experienced the Gorge – whether that be as a hiker/climber/or what-have-you…you will connect with this episode that shares some of the wonders of our favorite place – The RRG. We encourage everyone to listen to this episode and to also check out Dan and Judy’s booth at the RRG Farmers Market for some fun educational activities and to look into their published books and everything else they have going on!
You can find their website here: TheRogueBiologist

The RRG Farmers Market is held every Saturday from 10AM-2PM at the Slade Welcome Center. You can check out more information about the market from their website, RRG Farmers Market, or on their instagram @rrgfarmersmarket. Thank you for listening, and we hope you keep an eye out for my RRG Farmers Market Guest Features! 🙂

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