Eat the Rainbow! With the RRG Farmers Market Co-Founders!

Are you all ready for episode 2.0 with the RRG Farmers Market?! Exciting news is in store for the Market’s 3RD SEASON!! This week’s episode features special guests, Jann, Kevin, (and Aster), to talk about all things Red River Gorge Farmer’s Market.
Darren and Rachel recorded with Jann and Kevin a few years ago before the market’s first opening season, and it was so cool to get to sit back down and chat about how far the market has come since then, and where it is going. 

Some cool new things for this season:
First and foremost, the market has expanded to offer 2 market days per week! Wednesday markets are held at the Slade Welcome Center (the same place they have been in years past) and is 5-7PM. Saturday markets are now being held at Natural Bridge State Resort Park in the Skylift parking area from 10AM-2PM! There are returning vendors and new faces and we are excited for all of it. 
There are also several cool programs kicking off this season, including Kids Carrot Cash! Kids that are visiting the market will be given “Carrot Cash” vouchers that they can then use as money to spend with the local farmers. Other programs that are coming are a Walking Program with market vouchers, and a pilot program with USDA called VegU where there will be 10-minute educational sessions to learn all about a certain fruit or vegetable. The RRG Farmers Market was 1 in 3 markets across the entire country to be picked for this program, so that is a big deal!! 

To learn more about all of the awesome programs happening and to find general information about the RRG Farmers Market, you can visit their website
To donate to the market, you can hit the donate link on their website home page, or follow this direct link here
To stay up to date on everything happening and get information on what vendors to expect on each market day, be sure to follow their socials! Instagram @rrgfarmersmarket and Facebook Red River Gorge Farmers Market.

Psst – Darren and Rachel (and Pippin) will be set up at the Memorial Day Weekend Market on Saturday May 27th! Come say hi! 

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