Yoga Retreat Hiking Excursion to Hanson’s Point

My mom owns a yoga studio in Louisville, KY called Infinite Bliss Yoga. At least once a year she organizes a ladies yoga retreat at Red River Gorge where I get the opportunity to pick and lead hikes for the group!

Pinch-em-Tight Trail

I’m always looking forward to getting to do this because I absolutely LOVE showing off the Gorge – I mean, who wouldn’t? This past year I chose to take the group to Hanson’s Point – one of my favorite overlooks at the Gorge. This trail utilizes the Pinch-em-Tight and Rough trails, but Hanson’s Point trail itself is technically unmarked.

Once you’ve made it to Hanson’s Point trail, you’re basically in a tunnel of smaller trees and I always feel like I’m entering another realm – it’s storybook-like. When you’ve made it out to Hanson’s Point, you can soak up views of Chimney Top Rock, Half Moon, and Cloud Splitter separated by a sea of trees. It’s truly spectacular.

Hanson’s Point group photo with added artwork by Rachel Stottmann

The Infinite Bliss kula is full of strong amazing ladies and I always feel lucky to get to spend a weekend of yoga, hiking, and conversation with them.

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