Episode 15: Technical MOVES

Buckle up because this episode Darren and I are taking you all along on one of the most popular unofficial trails of the Red – Indian Staircase Trail! Our hiking day definitely did not go as planned, but we were apparently where we needed to be at that time! The morning was a rollercoaster of dramatics and the day was full of amazing views and a solid hike. Some rad people/businesses to follow on Instagram that we mentioned during this episode: @friendsrrg (a not-for-profit volunteer group at the Gorge), @cricketpress (super cool printmaking artists – they designed the Friends of the RRG logo!), @heritageprintshop (a local screen printer who prints my Tread the Red tshirts)! Also, you will soon be able to find Tread the Red tshirts and tanks at La Cabana in the RRG along with decals there and at Daniel Boone Coffee Shop! As always, make sure to follow me on Instagram and/or TikTok @tread_the_red and HAPPY HIKING!! Thank you so much for listening!

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