Episode 16: Cryptids and Climbs

Hi and welcome back to Episode 16 of Tread the Red! This episode features Sam Ludwig and Kate Stottmann as we take you along on our adventures along Tarr Ridge in the Red River Gorge. There MIGHT be some (lots of) laughing, talk of cryptids, and some obstacles we faced during our hikes that day. Also, the day I am uploading this episode is actually recognized as National Boone Day! This day (June 7th) commemorates the day that Daniel Boone began his explorations throughout the beautiful valleys and forests that we now know as Kentucky. Since the Red River Gorge is located within the Daniel Boone National Forest in Kentucky, I thought this was an important holiday to mention! As always, thank you so much for listening! I truly appreciate all of the connections I have been able to make with some amazing people who also love the Gorge. You can find me on Instagram @tread_the_red for visual references to the places I talk about on this podcast and also check out my website, Tread the Red. Thank you and happy hiking!!

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