The Farmers Market and The Lion King Trail

Hello and welcome back to another episode of Tread the Red! Rachel and Darren recount their experience of bringing Tread the Red as a guest vendor to the Red River Gorge Farmers Market – thank you so much for everyone who came by and said hi and chatted with us – AND a huge thank you to all of the amazing RRG vendors that make the Market possible! If you happen to be at the Gorge on a Saturday, do yourself a favor and check out the Farmers Market!! It is located at the Slade Welcome Center (right off exit 33 of the Mountain Parkway) and runs from 10AM – 2PM. You will not be disappointed – there is a little for everyone there (dogs and kids too)!! Darren and I also talk about one of Rachel’s favorite overlooks in the Gorge – Buzzards Roost South (AKA the “Lion King Trail”…you’ll have to listen to the episode to find out why). We also volunteered with Friends of the RRG and got to hang out with Dave (from Friends of RRG) and Nick (intern with the Forest Service) along Rock Bridge Trail. Thank you so much for everyone who listens – y’all are OBVIOUSLY cool people. 😉 You can follow me on Instagram and TiKToK @ tread_the_red and check out my website at ! You can also access my Etsy shop here. Send me your Gorge experiences if you want Darren and I to read them on the podcast! !

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