What’s Up Red Treaders?

Welcome back to another episode of Tread the Red! Rachel and Darren get to sit down and chat with Erin (trail name: Spider Monkey) about all things Red River Gorge! Erin is involved with the Red River Gorge Trail Crew and is very knowledgeable about all things Gorge, so listen and get learnt! 😉 We talk about Leave No Trace, history of the Gorge, Trail Crew, and some unique experiences. Erin was involved with the Tread the Red Art & Hike Day at the Gorge, so we get to hear their perspective from that too!

Erin coined the term “Red Treaders” for our listeners, and we love it so much! They also host a radio show with WRFL and you can view the show archive here. Erin recently did an hour long radio special about Trail Crew! It is definitely worth the listen.

Thank you for listening and feel free to send any questions/comments/stories to treadtheredpodcast@gmail.com . You can also follow me on Instagram at tread_the_red and check out my website here. Happy hiking!

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