Tread the Red is ENGAGED!!

If you didn’t catch it from the title of this episode…Rachel & Darren are engaged! To everyone who also follows Tread the Red on social media, this is slightly old news…but we JUST got around to recording a podcast episode about it (because of course it happened at the Gorge). Anyway, this episode covers the weekend that it happened (12/10/22), the hike it occurred on, and the hike we took the next day with an unexpected trail guide.

In this episode we cover:
*Our stay at The Wilds (in The Willow)
*Sunset Point Trail at The Wilds with *trail guide*, Buddy!
*Rock Bridge Trail (and a proposal on top of Creation Falls!)

It was a great weekend and THANK YOU to everyone who had a part in making it super special. We love our RRG community, and we hope you have fun listening to this episode! More to come. 😉

Meanwhile, you can give Tread the Red a follow on Instagram/TikTok @tread_the_red or checkout the website, to look up trail information/videos and more!

Also, if you have your own RRG story you would like to share, email it to We would LOVE to be able to start doing some Tread the Red #TrailTalk listener stories!

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