The Number 2

Welcome to Tread the Red – the Red River Gorge Podcast! This week’s episode features our good friend, LeighAnne (also known as @wandernotlost on Instagram)!
During this episode (sans Darren, sorryyyy), Rachel and LeighAnne recount their *expedition* to find Cherokee Arch. Spoiler alert: It eluded us, but what we DID find was Rat Window 2, a cool perspective of Jewel Pinnacle and the Gladie Visitor Center in the valley below, and a total rhododendron forest where (probably) few have tread before (or at least that is what it felt like….) Oh, and also some luge riding through the woods for good measure. 😉
Join us as we talk about the Cherokee Arch area (don’t worry, we’ll be back with Part 2 soon because we now know the way), Half Moon ARCH, and a short special about The Number 2. 😀
As always, thanks for listening and hope to see you out on the trails someday! You can follow Tread the Red on Instagram and TikTok @tread_the_red and check out our website and trail videos at

Happy hiking!

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