Not A Science Podcast

Hi and welcome to Tread the Red!! Thank you for being here 😉
We recorded this one a few weeks ago and Rachel is just now uploading it, but ALAS – we are talking about some cool trails during this episode!

Trails Featured:
* Jailhouse Rock Trail – we’ve covered it before and we’re covering it again because it is really cool and has some premium overlooks. It also has a *little* of a rock scrambly section to keep things fun, but we navigated it with two medium-sized dogs during this trip.
* Star Gap Trail featuring Star Gap Arch & Sky View Arch – This is the first time we have ever covered Sky View Arch on the podcast because it was the first time Darren and Rachel hiked to it! Some things to note about this side excursion off of Star Gap Trail: A)The soil is loose and non-compacted on the trail to the arch. This means that you should save this trip for dry weather. B) Watch how much weight you are placing on the rhododendrons while executing the initial “scramble” – their roots help stabilize the soil, so we don’t want to be tearing them out on our to-and-from trips to this arch. 😉 C) Always always always plan ahead and prepare before hiking – especially unofficial hikes! Make sure you are prioritizing safety and Leave No Trace principles. 🙂

We also have a little BONUS section at the end of this episode where we do a “Tread the Red ELSEWHERE” segment: As in, some hikes in the Cumberland Falls region of Kentucky! I know they aren’t the Gorge, but it’s still some cool hiking in the proximity that we think y’all will like to hear about and possibly go to check out.

You can follow Tread the Red on Instagram/TikTok @tread_the_red and check out our website! You’ll find a link to our shop on the website with neat things to support the Podcast and general work we do putting together information for the RRG such as stickers, shirts, dog bandanas, and postcards! Go check it out. 🙂

As always, thanks for listening and gooooodbyyeeee.

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