Guest Feature: Red Oaks Forest School

Hi and welcome to Tread the Red – a Red River Gorge Podcast! This episode features a very special guest – Tina Brouwer, Director of Red Oaks Forest School!
You can listen to learn all about Red Oaks, all that they are doing, and how you can get involved! Their mission is “…to foster a deep and lasting connection to nature and community through exploration, education, and play.” Be sure to check out their website (linked above) and you can also check them out on Instagram @redoaks_explorers and Facebook at Red Oaks Forest School.
Also, consider signing up to participate in their Zugunruhe event that invites everyone “to listen to their personal inner stirring and make a commitment to spend time in nature this spring by going on their own journey.” Registration is open and the event kicks off on the Vernal Equinox on March 20th!
You can donate to support their organization through their website! I will also be hosting a fundraiser on my Instagram for Red Oaks during the remainder of March!

Thank you so much for listening and hope everyone gets to plan some outdoors time for yourself! ⍋⋆

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